Rex Morgan

A Tidal Industry Shift

I realize I am a few years behind the curve, but hey - I work in enterprise IT, so in some ways I'm actually ahead of the game.

Back in 2013 I started to (finally) grasp just how big a shift is happening in computing. The cloud is not just a more scalable, pay-per-hour alternative to on-premise infrastructure. It's as big a paradigm shift as the original move from mainframes to PCs. Maybe bigger.

Hitching my wagon

At Inmar we are working to leverage this leap forward in productivity gains. And I'm using the technology behind my blog as my proving ground for figuring out the bleeding edge of what's possible. And as I figure out each bit, I'll write about it. If the promises of The Cloud™ are fulfilled, I'll be able to iterate quickly and make lots of mistakes and the content will still be here.

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